More Life

More Life

Born and raised in Brixton South London where he started as a DJ then switched to be a Sing Jay due to the volume of DJ’s around.

Working on sounds like Treasure Isle,  Younger Soverign,  King tubby’s, Surety Sound, Sweet Connection,  Sting Sound,  Pisces International to name a few. Working with these sound systems gave Chucky the valuable lessons on how to entertain people of all ages!!! Currently working with the Trojan Sound system since 2005 touring Europe representing Trojan Records and reggae music in general at festivals and clubs all over. Over the years he has been working with an array of artists and producers, recently affiliated  with the Shining Stars team with the special big hearted Alison Mason

Going back to Three Miles Records, he went on to work with Calvin Francis Producer who helped him to collaborate with Sargent D, Simi who passed a few years ago (RIP) and also the Fire House Crew from Jamaica.
In the early nighties he worked with a number of reggae artists like Joseph Cotton who realised 2 tracks with 1 standing out as a potential track to launch a solo career with which was “You can get it” a Jimmy Cliff anthem.

The Three Miles camp went on to release a Chucky Bantan version of Larry Marshall version of “I Admire you” which went to no26 in the reggae music charts. (So that’s how long I done that track!!)

In the mid nighties he was approached by a Mr Larry Larrys (RIP) who used to produce many artists not to mention Bob Marley, asked Chucky to cover a popular track in a Dancehall style with a twist. It was called “Bogling the night away”! which was a well produced track by the Three Miles team.

In 1996 he was introduced to a Mr G Vibes  by a Mr Paul Coxson who saw him performing in a dancehall or festival, not sure…

Not really sure how or why, but I met a producer/record shop manager of Dub Vendor in Clapham, called Mr Ox (Oxman) who was impressed with my talent as a young bwoy, it was a bit funny because we only lived 10mins away by walking. Oxman started recording with Chucky, releasing a number of tracks.
1 being “Kookai” and 1 being “All up inna day”.

Chucky took a little break from the music recording due to circumstances within the music business, but he continued to perform in the dance hall / weddings  and of course the festival where he feels comfortable with thousands of people getting excited. 
Only a few years ago the “Gongz” Chucky Supa 4 and Jah Buck opened a show in Italy (Rome) for the mega star Shaggy which went down like a storm.
Currently he has a few tracks playing on the radio stations, 1 being VibesFM.net in particular.. love is and sometimes, which are very nice tracks.

“I would like to say, more love, more life and more peace to everyone individually and thank you for listening and maybe liking my music. It’s all from the heart whether written by me or adapted by me. Look out for more in the forthcoming album called “More life”.

Chucky Bantan.